Miniature Pet Portraits


To begin a portrait I will need three images to have an idea of what your pet looks like. The photos do not need to be perfect. If requesting two pets in one painting , the pets do not need to be together in one photograph. Photos can be emailed or sent to me in the mail. Also, I would like to know something about your pet's personality. After receiving the photographs I will let you know if I need additional pictures.     

Portraits usually take from 4 to 6 weeks to complete. After the painting is finished, a photocopy of it will be sent to you for approval. Upon your approval, a bill for the portrait, shipping and insurance charges will be sent to you. After I receive payment, the portrait will be mailed to you.

Because the portrait will be an oil painting, it is desirable though not necessary    that a protective coating be applied to it 6 to 12 months after it is completed. Please make arrangements to temporarily return it to me at that time. You will be responsible for any shipping charges, but there is no additional charge for applying the varnish finish.












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